Bleu Edmondson

And The Band Plays On(Chords)

Bleu Edmondson

Key: C#m

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Capo on 2nd fret
Chords relative to capo 
C#m                         A 
She hums a song she can't remember 
    C#m                           Ab7   Ab7sus 
The music lives but the words are dead 
    C#m                     A 
The song went out in late November 
     C#m                             A   B  A  B 
It's been 4 days since she's been to bed 
C#m                                   A 
She's got a tattoo on the back of her neck 
C#m                       A 
Wears china red lipstick #3 
C#m                             A 
Stands by the jukebox smoking a cigarette 
C#m                                A     B   A  B 
Watches the band as she drinks for free 
A                       E            B 
But don't you know everybody's got a story 
Might be a little better than yours 
              E                     B 
Have you ever bled for the price of glory 
Then what the hell are you livin' for 
               E             B  
You sit and to listen to the music 
But you don't hear that song 
         E                    B 
This old world spins a little faster 
And the band plays on 
Everybody stops to watch her move 
She laughs just a little at a neon pane 
The girls's think she's got somethin' to prove 
And all the boys wanna know her name 
But the storybooks were wrong again 
And the songs on the radio lie 
She weeps for who's she been 
But nobody hears her cry 
She's getting' high back in the alley 
Standing' in the pourin' rain 
The nights have always been just a little too hard 
And don't you know it helps ease the pain 


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