One More Heartache(Chords)


Key: E
Note: I don't know why the chords won't line up, but this is the basic progression. 
NOTE: The chords should be right, but you may need a capo. 
E                           A9                        E         A 
She woke up this morning and she knew 
                 E         A                      B 
they were through and she was leaving 
E                              A9                            E        A 
She packed up her love and her memories 
                 E        A                                  B       
now she sees, her heart was breakin' even 
E                A                           E     A 
Now she's headin' down that highway 
D                                                 B 
And she's never comin' back again 

E A E F#m She'll go one more time down that lonesome road E A D B 'Til she finds that turnoff that leads back home E A E F#m then she'll dust her dreams off and dry her eyes E B C#m B She'll leave one more heartache, one more heartache A B E one more heartache behind
She had a love when she was young it was the one that set her heart to dreamin' since then she's never been the same through the pain, she gave up on believein' Bridge Chorus

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