Nobody Knows What To Say(Chords)


Key: C
Capo on 3rd fret
Intro: (C)  (G)  (Am7)  (Fadd9)  x 2 
The (C) neighbor next door (G) just barely 
says good (Fadd9) mornin' 
The (C) boys down at work didnt (G) ask me 
To stop for a (Fadd9) beer 
I (F) guess they heard 'bout (Gsus2) me and (G) you 
(C) Nothin' spreads like (F) real bad news 
(Dm) 'Cause the silence is loud and (Gsus2) clear 
   (C) Nobody knows what to (Gadd9) say 
   They just (Am7) stare at their shoes 
   And make (Fadd9) up an excuse to (Dm) turn and walk a(G)way 
   (C) Nobody knows what to (Gadd9) say 
   'Cause you (Am7) just don't up and (Fadd9) lose 
   The love of a (Dm) lifetime every(Gsus2)day 
   (Dm) Since you took your (G) love away 
   Nobody knows what to (C) say (G) (Am7) (Fadd9) 
(C) We were the ones every(G)one said would last for(Fadd9)ever 
(C) We had the kind of (G) love people talked a(Fadd9)bout 
(F) Ever since you (Gsus2) said good(G)bye 
They (C) don't wanna see a (F) grown man cry 
(Dm) So my world's awful quiet (Gsus2) now 
Repeat Chorus and fade out... 

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