Black Lips

Slime And Oxygen(Chords)

Black Lips

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Key: E
Chords: E A D G A D E A D I walked the path of million men G A D I gorge the belly I fight and sin E A D Battles in the Trojan War G A D I drink the wine and blood of before E A D A nimble skull will always crack G A D 1000 year faithful attack E A D Will a coward die from calloused hands G A D 3000 rationed spinach cans E A D owooohhhhhh G A D owooohhhhhh E A D Juggernaut will crush the bum G A D Combatant of the drunken slum E A D Gnawing on the greed of war E A D A giddy doctrine will not live G A D A pancake covered battle shield E A D Must condemn the weakling mind G A D For your book that must be bind E A D owooohhhhhh G A D owooohhhhhh
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