Billie Holiday

Too Marvelous For Words(Chords)

Billie Holiday

Key: D

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Introduo: Em7 A9 Em7 A9 Em7 A9 Em7 A7 D7M B7/9- 

    Em7     A9    Em7   A9      Em7   A9     Em7    A7 
You're just    too marvelous, too marvelous for words 
A7  Gdim  D    A4/7     A9 
Like glorious, glamourous 
A7  D      D6     Gdim     D 
And that old standby, amorous 
   Em7   A9     Em7   A9      Em7          Em7   A7 
It's all too wonderful I'll never find the words 
A7  Gdim  D  A4/7         A9 
That say enough, tell enough  
  F#      G#m7      C#7         F# 
I mean they just aren't swell enough 
 F#7       Am7    D9  Am7         Edim   D 
You're much too much, and just to very very 
   G7M  G6  G7M      D      Em7    A7 
To ever be in Webster's dictionnary 
    Em7    A9          Gdim  D   D7M       B7 
And so I'm borrowing a love song from the birds 
Fdim Am7      Em7     Gdim       A7 
To   tell you that you're marvelous, 
D   G      Em7 A7    D 
Too marvelous for words.

Written by Johnny Mercer/Richard A. Whiting

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