Billie Holiday

Guess Who(Chords)

Billie Holiday

Key: B

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Introd: B Em (Two times) Bm  

Verse 1:

Em Bm (Guess who?)..Where's the girl who hurt herself last night Em Bm (Guess who?)..Didn't kiss you and thought she was right C Am7 D Em Bm Everyone had told me, be careful when he holds me and I was

Verse 2:

Em Bm (Guess who?)..Had to listen to all that she hears Em Bm (Guess who) Has a pillow that's all wet with tears C F Am7 D Em D B Em You were oh, so tender, but I wouldn't surrender now you're gone


E Em7 C D G I told my friends, he'll never get my heart Em7 D C D F# Em F#7 E And when I kissed you..had to resist you said, better go I hurt you so G C D B Em Wished you had stayed..but I made you go away

Verse 3:

B Em Bm B (Guess who) Tried to be much too cool, yesterday B Em Bm (Guess who) Let the boy that she loves get away C Am7 I never should have listened cause now your love I'm B Em Bm Em B Bm Missin' it's too late..whoah, it's too late. Em B Aaaaaahhhhh-haaaaaa Other C F Am7 D I never should have listened cause now your love I'm F# Bm Em Bm Em Bm Missin' it's too late ohhh, it's too late ahhhhhhhhh G Em B A Em ho-ho ah, whoaaaaa yes it's too late, mmm (Fade)

Written by Jesse Belvin and JoAnne Belvin

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