Billie Holiday

Do Your Duty(Chords)

Billie Holiday

Key: F

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verse 1 
F               A7 
If I call three times a day 
Come and drive my blues away 
Bb                F     A7 Dm 
When you come, be ready to play 
G       C   C7 
Do your duty 

verse 2 
F              A7 
If you want to have some love 
Give your baby your last buck 
Bb                  F    A7 Dm 
Don't come quackin' like a duck 
G       C   C7 
Do your duty 

A7 I heard you say you didn't love me Dm Numb as Mrs. Brown G I don't believe a word they say C C7 She's the lyinest woman in town
verse 3 F A7 When I need attention at home Dm I'll call you on the phone Bb F A7 Dm Come yourself, don't send your friend Jones G C C7 Do your duty verse 4 F A7 If my radiator get too hot Dm Cool it off in lots of spots Bb F A7 Dm Give me all the service you've got G C C7 Do your duty Verse 5 F A7 If you don't know what it's all about Dm Don't sit around my house and pout Bb F A7 Dm If you do you'll catch your mama tippin' now G C C7 Do your duty
A7 If you make your own bed hard Dm That's the way o' life G I'm tired of sleepin' by myself C C7 But you too dumb to realize
Verse 6 F A7 I'm not tryin' to make you feel blue Dm I'm not satisfied with the way you do Bb F A7 Dm I've got to help you find somebody too G C C7 Do your duty

Written by Wesley Wilson

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