Billie Holiday

A Cottage For Sale(Chords)

Billie Holiday

Key: D

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  D                 F#7       C#m5-/7 
Our little dream castle with every dream gone  
     B7              Gdim        Gm7 
Is lonely and silent the shades are all drawn, 
  D7      D7/F#     G      Gm7 
And my heart is heavy as I gaze upon 
E A7       D 
A cottage for sale 
   D             F#7   C#m5-/7 
The lawn we were proud of is waving in hay 
  B7            Gdim       Gm7 
Our beautiful garden has withered away 
   D7      D7/F#    G        Gm7 
Where we planted roses the weeds seem to say 
E A7       D 
A cottage for sale 
 F#7               B7 
Through every single window I see your face 
  E7          Fdim   E7     A7  Cdim     A7 
But when I reach the window there's only empty space 
  D                  F#7       C#m5-/7 
The key's in the mail box, the same as before 
  B7             Gdim    Gm7 
But no one is waiting for me anymore 
  D7      D7/F#      G         Gm7	 
The end of our story is told on the door 
E  A7      D 
A Cottage For Sale

Written by Larry Conley and Willard Robison

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