Billie Eilish

The Diner(Chords)

Billie Eilish

Key: Bm

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Capo on 2nd fret

Intro Am  E  Am  E 
      Am  E  Am  E 

Don't be afraid of me 
I'm what you need 

Verse 1:

Am I saw you on the screens I know we're meant to be Dm You're starring in my dreams In magazines E You're looking right at me Am I'm here around the clock I'm waiting on your block Dm But please, don't call the cops They'll make me stop E And I just wanna talk


Am Bet I could change your life You could be my wife (wife, wife) Dm Could get into a fight I'll say you're right and E You'll kiss me goodnight
Am I waited on the corner Till I saw the sitter leave Was easy getting over When I landed on my feet Dm I came in through the kitchen Looking for something to eat E I left a calling card So they would know that it was me
( Am Dm E )

Verse 2:

Am I tried to save you, but I failed Two-fifty-thousand-dollar bail (Two hundred fifty thousand dollars) Dm While I'm away, don't read my mail (Don't read my mail) Just bring a veil (Just bring a veil) E And come visit me in jail (Visit me in jail)


Am I'll go back to the diner I'll write another letter (I'll write another letter) Dm I hope you'll read it this time (This time) E You better
Am The cops around the corner Stopped me when I tried to leave They told me I was crazy and They knocked me off my feet Dm They came in through the kitchen Looking for something discrete E I left a calling card So that they would know that it was me
( Am Dm E ) (Know that it was me)

Verse 3:

Am I memorized your number Now I call you when I please I tried to end it all But now I'm back up on my feet Dm I saw you in the car with someone else And couldn't sleep E If something happens to him You can bet that it was me
Final Three-nine-five-six Three-one-oh, eight-oh-seven Three-nine-five-six Three-one-oh, eight-oh-seven Three-nine-five-six

Written by Billie Eilish / Finneas

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