Big Time Rush

Time Of Our Life(Chords)

Big Time Rush

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Key: A
Intro: A G F 

Im lookin and you, yeah 
You're lookin at me 
A          G            F 
Something about you's got me goin crazy 
So what should I do, what can I say 
A                    G               F                A 
She's beautiful, unusual, the prettiest thing in the room 
No one else compares to you 
A                  G              F 
Just do what you do and I will be there for you 
If you take my hand (my hand), just give me the chance (the chance) 
A                       G 
Say don't worry about a thing 
Just dance dance dance 

Hey! A If feels right girl just give me my a sign A We're gonna party all night G F Have the time of our life, yeah A I can't fight how I'm feelin inside A G F We can party all night have the time of our life, girl
A G F (2x) A I can't help myself, cuz girl you're so fly A G F I knew from the minute that I looked in your eyes A That you could be the one, you're just my type A G Can't let you get away, isn't it obvious F That I'm into you
Bm G D No we don't have to leave tonight A We'll stay together on the dance floor Bm G D Turn up the sound, turn down the lights A (The lights, the lights, the lights) A (Don't wanna let go, yeah) Bm G D Make this a night we won't forget A And livin with no regrets Bm G And no one else but us D A Til the sun comes up
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