Beth Crowley


Beth Crowley

Key: Cm

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Cm Eb Bb 
You fascinated me 
cloaked in shadows and secrecy 
the beauty of a broken angel 
I ventured carefully  
afraid of what you thought I'd be 
but pretty soon I was entangled 

Ab Bb 
You take me by the hand, I question who I am 

Cm Eb Bb Ab 
Teach me how to fight, I'll show you how to win 
you're my mortal flaw, and I'm your fatal sin 
Let me feel the sting, the pain, 
the burn under my skin 

Cm Eb Bb Ab 
Put me to the test, I'll prove that I am strong 
Won't let myself believe, that what we feel is wrong 
I finally see what you knew was  
inside me all along 
that behind this soft exterior, lies a warrior 

Cm Eb Bb 
My memory refused 
to separate the lies from truth 
and search the past my mind created 
I kept on pushing through 
standing resolute which you 
in equal measure loved and hated 

Ab Bb 
You take me by the hand, I'm seeing who I am 


Ab Bb 
You take me by the hand, I'm sure of who I am 


Cm Eb Bb 
The pictures come to life 
Wake in the dead of night 
Open my eyes, I must be dreaming 
Clutch my pillow tight 
brace myself for the fight 
I've heard that seeing is believing 

End on: Cm 

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