Benji Fowler


Benji Fowler

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Key: G
Capo on 2nd fret

verse 1: 
     G                          D 
Here we are clay pots together 
 Em               C 
A fellowship divine 
    G                                              D 
In Christ the Lord we have our treasure 
           C              Em 
In brokenness we shine 

C G Lord shine in our brokenness D Em Be strong in our helplessness C G D Em Make Yourself known through our humble estate C G D Em Help us to love You and love one another C G D Em G D Make Yourself known through these pots of clay
verse 2: (chords the same as verse 1) Our sufferings are momentary Our offerings are far too small Our great God, His name is Holy He has given us His all (Chorus) Tag: Em G Lord take us GF Break us D Make us Yours
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