Ben Taylor

Lady Magic(Chords)

Ben Taylor

Key: C

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Guess you could say she was beautifully plain 
Brutally insane smooth like the break of a wave 
She was cool like a magical groove on a January day, hey 
Cm                                                  Cm 
In one of her moves she was hot lemonade sweet sour and powerful up in your face 
Gm                                                          Gm 
Now its tough to forget what she told you to say because it just unfolds on the back of your mind 
Cm       Cm      Gm   Gm 
All day, all day 
Like silver sage is slowly burning sweetly from my shoulders to my scena with a lonely little smile 
Insane but at the same time so revealing to give you all the feeling 

Cm Lady magic she was real good at it, the way that she got to my mind Gm Lady magic help me break my bad habits and put my darker days behind Cm She loves suggesting that life was so interesting all the time Gm Lady magic she was real good at it and im glad I get to call her mine Cm Although life used to treat me so I had so many places to go Gm Not so many places where I could feel at ease Cm But then something happened to turn a young speaker Cm Gm Into someone that had no choice but to inhale a song like wind and carried on until I would find my voice Because she was
Cm Funnel my words and I and I and I dot my tees and cross my I's Gm And oh lifes funny, you making that honey is bigger than a deeper meaning at all Cm So I tried dipping into any institution that was capable of being dissolved Gm Lifes tragic, see what you want you get the chance so you got to have it all and she was

Written by John Forté/Ben Taylor

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