Beatrice 'n' Horchow

21st. Century(Chords)

Beatrice 'n' Horchow

Key: Em

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        Em          Am          C           E         Em       Am        C   
In the 21st century its not about love its about hate and things that ring  
     A           C              E     A 
and wars that bring sadness and sarrow !!!  
                     G        E   A       Em           Am          Em            Am          
it needs to be about GOD!! AND JESUS !!  not hate and wars and sarrow this is the day to say i  
 G        C          D           Em            Dm         F#m          G           Am      E              
love u becouse what tommoro brings is what china makes and what we break  in the 21st century! 
Em           Am          C             E         Em       Am         C            Am           A 
in the 21st century its not about love its about things and bad words and things and phone that ring  
G            D                D7              F#m       E 
wierd ring tones it need to be about GOD !!!  AND JESUS !! 
G           A             F          B                Em                A           E 
and mommas and papas and family and friends and SHAME on those WIGGLES And DOODLEPOPS! 
E              A      G                 F#m               E        A 
WE WILL  see the bluish pinkish sky in the winds of the 21st century ! 
C           D            Dm                   Am               D7 
we will always know that its about GOD AND JESUS and CHICKMONKS  
G     B                 A        F      E           G 
not things that and organize things , what about the  
A       E       D                F                    A            F           A 
the animals the pigs and puppys that poop and u still love them in the 21st cent.  
E              A             D                  A7             E7             A  
we got to see that u and me will alwys be together forever in the 21st cent. 
E         A    E        A         E  
na na na na   hey hey hey  goodbye !!!!!!!!  

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