Beat Happening

The Fall(Chords)

Beat Happening

Key: C
Intro: C F C F 

C     F 
I'll do 
  C                   F 
I walk down stairs to talk to you 
C            F  
I came in, I tried to sit 
      C                  F 
And I tried to talk this whole thing through 
C            F 
Your love is so complete 
    C              F 
And your love justifies my feelings 
C         F 
We should live together 
    C         F 
And we should never, never 
G       F 
Bye bye maro momi, and 
G       F 
Bye bye takaki, and 
    G       F  
And bye bye ai in america, and 
G                F 
Bye bye Heather, bye bye, bye bye 
C                F 
We were walking along the street 
C                       F 
And I fell down and you said to me, you said, 
C                           F 
'Calvin you're a guy with incredible blue eyes 
    C           F 
But I've got to live my own life' 

   G            G               G               G 
C F Falling through her bed you C F Walk upstairs to say we're through C F C But no, uh-uh, uh-uh, no F C I already knew

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