Banda Narnia

The Awakening(Chords)

Banda Narnia

Key: Bm

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	        Intro  E5  F5  E5  F5  E5 

E5                              Bb5+ 
The night was dark and cold as ice 
G5                         A5                F5 
I met that stranger, from for beyond my dreams 
E5                           Bb5+ 
Staring into those yes I was Blinded by a light 
Paralysed by the Power 
A5                          B5 
I feel down on my knees 
          C5 A5   B5 
I was never easy to see 
B5                                     C5 A5 
But now its so clear, As anything can be 
B5                                     C5 A5 
I Felt such whermth in my, deserted soul 
B5               C5 A5 
Oh Holy Spirit, come to me 

Intro E5  F5  E5  E5  F5  E5 

E5                              Bb5+ F5 F#5 
I stood there waiting for the Dawn 
My tears were flowing 
         A5            F5 
And my sins faded away 
E5                    Bb5+                        G5 
The one who has the power, Its the one who breaks the bonde 

Let the only Son of God 
 G5            B5 
Clear your soul 
     C5 A5         B5 
Its never easy to see 
                  C5 A5               B5 
By now its só clear, as anything can be 
                       C5 A5           B5 
I Felt such whermth in my, deserted soul 
             C5 A5        B5 
Oh Holy Spirit, Come to me 

( C5  B5  E5 ) 
( C5  B5  E5 ) 
( C5  B5  E5 ) 
( C5  B5  C5  A5 ) 
( B5  C5  Bb5+  D9  A ) 
( C  Bb5  C5  B5 ) 

Solo Final 

Parte 1 

 E5  D5  C5  E5 
 E5  F#5  G5  A5 
 B5  C5  A5  B5  
 A5  B5 

Solo Parte 2 

A5  G5  F#5 
D9  A  C  Bb5+  B5  E5 

E5                       F#5           G5 
Ah Holy Spirit, Ah Holy Spirit, Ah Holy Spirit 
A5                     B5     Bb5 
Ah the Awakening is here, Ah the Awakening is here 
A5                      C5 
Ah the Awakening, Ah the Awakening 

Is here 

Final E5  C5  D5  E5

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