Somewhere Tropical(Chords)


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Key: B
e | -------------------------------- | ----------------------------------- |  
B | -------------------------------- | ----------------------------------- |  
G | -------------------------------- | ----------------------------------- |  
D | --------4---4-5--------------x3- | -------4---4-5--------------------- |  
A | --555-5---5--------------------- | -555-5---5-----5-5-5-7-7-7--------- |  
E | ----------------333-3-3-5-3-2--- | ---------------3-3-3-5-5-5--------- |  
D G D A Its so nice to see you baby, I heard that you were asking about me Bm Em G A And thats so funny cause I was asking about you D G D A Lets get away from the stormy weather, somewhere that nobody would ever know our face Bm Em G A And you look so beautiful don you ever change a thing Em A Em A A sudden revelation, this might sound crazy but maybe lets take a vacation D A G A Cancel all of your plans girl were going somewhere tropical D A G A I promise I will take care girl, cause it might seem illogical D A No one can interrupt us when the sun comes up G A Cause all the 9 to 5s are working D A Swim in the coral reef making love on the beach G A Oh girl I wanna spend the summer with you
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