Key: F
Capo on 5th fret

Em       D/F#      G   
Well, you  know me 
Better than myself 
Better than I will ever know 

Em     D/F#          G 
Will I     break through       
The puzzles and the maze  
      D/F#         G 
That live in my head?     
Em       D/F#      G 
Uh uh uhuuu uh uh uhhh uh uhhhh  

Em       D/F#      G 
Wake up, save me 
From talking to myself 
       D/F#              G 
About uncertainties that I have 

Em       D/F#      G 
I'm floating in space,yeah, yeah 
Going nowhere 
               D/F#      G 
You're the gravity that I have 
Then you said 
Em          D/F#               G 
Honey you don't need to waste your time  
              Em       D/F#      G 
You know that you and I can fix anything 
      Em               D/F#      G 
Your body is floating, so just release what your mind holds,  
Em     D/F#      G 
 You are not alone 
Am   B7           Em 
Uh, don't think twice 
     A7               C 
You know you're not alone 
Oh you got to release it 

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