Key: C
Intro: Dm  A  Dm  A   
        Dm  A  C  E7 

          Dm       A          Dm   A 
And just like that, like a firefly 
      Dm    A      C     E7 
Standing Out into the night    
      Dm       A          Dm         
A stranger came to the coffee shop 
    A                     Dm     
My mind is playing tricks on me 
A          C     E7 
I feel a cold drop  
                   Dm   A 
Trickling down my back and 
            Dm    A 
What can I say?  Hey  
              Dm   A 
Would you believe me 
       C              E7 
If I said I fell in love in a couple of seconds?  

Am Am7M Dm G I know I won't know Your name C F E7 But I strangely trust the universe Am Am7M Dm Sometimes the world conspires G C And listens to our desires F E7 Indeed, oh I'm into you
( Dm A Dm A ) ( Dm A C E7 ) Dm She's approaching me A Dm It's a perfect time to ask A Dm A C E7 But I said 'I fell in L.O.V.E too fast (for you) Dm A Why did I say this? Dm A What did I expect? a kiss? Dm A You're paid to say C E7 'May I take your order please?' Dm A Dm A Dm A She smells like my favorite perfume C E7 And it ain't gonna fade

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