Avi Buffalo

Two Cherished Understandings(Chords)

Avi Buffalo

Key: G
Capo on 6th fret

Off their sophomore album 'At Best Cuckold' 

Get out the ol' falsetto for this one 

I wrote out the lyrics myself 
I'm pretty sure of all of it except for the penultimate line.  

'I bleed feta' sounds close ... if anyone knows the real line, post a correction comment. 
Chords (relative to capo): 
  G     D      C/A     C     Fmaj7    

Cool little D flourish leading into C/A (use pinky for this):    
G D I know why you stalk the night C/A Come under the overpass G D Seeing all you want to see C/A It?s in a space so far away G D Years ago I told you why C/A Makin' love ain?t nothing wrong with that G D Told you that I believed in you C/A C Won?t you come on through one more time C D G I know I loved you C I know I see the rain G D C There ain?t no understanding, baby G D C Understanding, baby C La la la G D Told you that I?d talk to her C/A Thought we understood each other well G D I was wrong as usual C/A G Wonder when they?ll break the spell Fmaj7 C G Yeah yeah Fmaj7 C G I bleed feta (??) Fmaj7 C G the lightning strikes. Enjoy.

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