Austin Roberts

One Word(Chords)

Austin Roberts

Key: E

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Intro:  E D A E D A 

F#m                                   E    D A 
Sometimes Silence, Says It All 
F#m                                        E    D A 
And Words Left Hanging, Never Fall 
G#m                                     A 
You Could Turn My Night Into Day 
You Could Say 

E A One Word And We Could Be G D Together Like We Ought To Be A D B If Only You Would Come To Me And Say E A One Word Would Bring You Near G D And Girl I'm Living Just To Hear E D A One Word, E D A One Word
F#m E D A Something's Standing Girl, Between Us F#m E D A But It's Only, In Your Mind G#m A If You Look Into Your Heart B You Could Find (Chorus)
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