Arctic Monkeys

The Bakery (acoustic)(Chords)

Arctic Monkeys

Key: A

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	        A                     C#m           F#m                         Bm  
I wish you would have smiled in the bakery or sat on a tatty setee  
at a mutual friends gathering  
        A                C#m                   F#m          
and the more you keep on looking the more it's hard to take  
love we're in stalemate  
   Dm                               C#m*                       Bm  
to never meet is surely where we're bound there's one in every town  
                        Dm *   Dm **   Dm ***  Dm *        
just there to grind you down  

A                     C#m           F#m                             Bm  
I wish I would have seen you in the post office well maybe I did and I missed it  
    Dm                           A  
too busy with the mind on clever rhymes   
            C#m               F#m     
why not the rounders pitch or the canteen   
you're slacking love were have you been?  
Dm                                C#m *                    
just have to go and wait until tonight  
                 Bm                      Dm *   Dm **   Dm ***  Dm *  
to give me the invite don't worry it's alright  
A                   C#m              F#m  
I wish I would have seen you down in the arcade  
                 Bm          Dm                         A  
sippin' on a lemonade in the paper cup and chewin on a straw  
               C#m             F#m   
and I wish I'd seen you in the bakery   
                           Bm     Dm                              A  F#m *  Dm  F/C  A    
but if I'd seen you in the bakery you probably wouldn't have seen me  

A     5-7-7-6-5-5  
C#m   9-11-11-9-9-9  
F#m   X-9-11-11-10-9  
Bm    X-2-4-4-3-2  
Dm    X-5-7-7-6-5  
C#m*  X-4-6-6-5-4  
Dm*   X-X-0-2-3-1  
Dm**  X-X-0-7-6-5  
Dm*** X-X-0-10-10-10  
F#m*  2-4-4-2-2-2  
F/C   X-3-3-2-1-1

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