Angie Lendon

The lord is Mighty(Chords)

Angie Lendon

Key: A
A		Asus4		A	F#m 
   The Lord is mighty 
F#m	        F#m/E		F#m 
   He loves justice 
D			E	Esus4		E 
   He rules over all the earth 
A	     Asus4	A	F#m 
   Great in Zion 
F#m	F#m/E		F#m 
   He is holy 
D			    E 
   Let us come before the Lord 
D	      E              A 
Praise his good and glorious name 
D	    E                    A	Asus4		A 
In these days and evermore 
D         E       A	F#m 
All creation looks to Him 
G			  Esus4  E 
Shouting as one we declare 
The Lord reigns  
      A/G#  F#m          F#m/E 
So let the nations tremble 
D			         Esus4	E 
We bow down, we worship You 
A			   F#m	  F#m/E 
Rivers run to tell the deepest oceans 
D	                                 E 
Great and awesome is the Lord 
E             	   D    E       D     Esus4   E   
Awesome is the Lord 
The Lord is faithful 
Slow to anger 
Abounding in love 
God is with us 
Lord of all life 
 Angie Lendon 2002 
CCLI 4540173 

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