Andrew Peterson

Many Roads(Chords)

Andrew Peterson

Key: G

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Capo on 5th fret

(verse 1) 

 D                             A            G 
If you'll step inside this great glass elevator, 
    D               A              G 
It'll take us up above the city lights, 
    D                        A           D/F 
To where the planet curves away to the equator, 
         G                 A/C# 
I wanna show you something fine, 
                D                                       G 
You can see the roads that we all traveled just to get here, 
      D                  A          G 
A million minuscule decisions in a line, 
      D                     A             D/F 
Why they brought us to this moment isn't clear, 
  G          A/C# 
But that's alright, we've got all night, 

G D Could it be that the many roads you took to get here, A Bsus (G) Were just for me to tell this story, and for you to hear this song G D A And your many hopes, and your many fears, were meant to bring you here, G All along,
(verse 2) D A G So if you trust me with your time I'll spend it wisely, D A G And I will sing to you with all I have to give, D A D/F G Cause if you traveled all this way, then I will do my best to play, A/C# My biggest hits, that don't exist, D A G And if you lend to me your ear I'll sing them pretty, D A G And I will never ever sing them out of tune, D A D/F G And I will not forget the words to any Chorus bridge or verse, A/C# I promise you, oh ohh --(Chorus 1)-- (Bridge) Bsus A And we got Benjamin to play that old piano, D D/F G/B If we're lucky it's a little out of tune, Bsus A And we got Andy on the guitar, D A/C# G Cause I promised him some Texas barbecue, oh ohh (verse 3) D A G How I love to watch you listen to the music, D A G Cause you sing to me a music of your own, D A As I cast out all these lines, D D/F G A/C# So afraid that I will find I am alone, all alone,
G D Could it be that the many roads I took to get here, A Were just for me to hear that story, Bsus (G) And for you to sing that song G D A G And my many hopes, and my many fears, were meant to bring me here, all along D A/C# G We were meant to be right here, all along.

Written by Andrew Peterson

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