Andrew Lloyd Webber

Why Does She Love Me(Chords)

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Key: Cm

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Cm              Fm 
  She looks for sympathy 
Bb             Eb 
  I give her sorrow 
Cm             Abm/F 
  She asks for honesty 
Bb             Eb 
  I've none to borrow 

C/E            Fm 
  She needs my tender kiss 
C/E           Fm 
  She begs it of me 
D7           G 
  I give her ugliness 
Gb9 (or N.C.) 
  Why does she love me? 

Cm               Fm 
  She yearns for higher things 
Bb               Eb 
  Things I can't give her 
Cm              Ab/F 
  The rush that music brings 
Bb          Eb 
  I can't deliver 

C/E        Fm   
  And even when she sings 
C/E         Fm 
  And soars above me 
D7         G 
  I try to clip her wings 
Gb9 (or N.C.) 
  Why does she love me? 

Cm       D7 
One more drink, sir.  
Cm                            Ab7 
That's what I need, don't you think, sir?  
Fm7   Gm 
Leave the 
Eb  Gm  Cm 
Hurt behind. 

D7 Cm Ab7 Cm Ab7 

(Do you hear me? Another drink!) 

Cm              Fm   
  She wants the man I was 
Bb            Eb 
  Husband and father 
Cm              Abm/F  
  At least, she thinks does 
Bb            Eb 
  She needn't bother 

C/E            Fm 
  Beneath this mask I wear 
C/E               Fm 
  There's nothing of me 
D7             G 
  Just horror, shame, despair 
Gb9 (or N.C.)   
  Why does she love me? 

Cm        D7 
How 'bout you, sir?  
Cm                   Ab7 
Tell me what am I to do, sir?  
Fm7   Gm  Eb   Gm Cm     
Leave the hurt behind...

Written by Andrew Lloyd Webber

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