Andrew Lloyd Webber

Theres Me(Chords)

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Key: Bb
Intro: Bb 

verse 1 
Bb                          F/C 
All alone, you think you're on your own 
                  Bb/D   Eb                Bb/F 
You think there's no-one in the world who cares for you 
     F                   Bb    F 
That isn't true, there's me 

verse 2 
Bb                        F/C 
I many not be the one you want to see 
           Bb/D      Eb                   Bb/F 
But if you need some-one who's kind then look behind 
     F                         Bb    F/Bb 
And there you'll find, there's me 

Ab             Gm           Fm          Eb 
I'll be near, standing by, never fear, you can cry 
Db          Cm                   Bb               C 
In a while, you will smile, and I'll be there to see 

verse 3 
Bb                       F/C 
By yourself, you have to cry yourself 
       Bb/D     Eb                Bb/F 
Nobody else can cry the tears you have to cry 
    F                   Bb 
But I will try, there's me 

verse 4 
Bb                      F/C 
Until then, when you're OK again 
          Bb/D        Eb               Bb/F 
You look around find I'm no longer there 
      Eb                   Bb/F 
I'll still be here somewhere 
       Eb                 Ab           Ab6/F  F7  Bb 
You're not alone, there's me, there's al  -  ways me 

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