Andrew Lloyd Webber

No One Would Listen(Chords)

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Key: Eb
No one would listen 
No one but her 
Heard as the outcast hears. 

Eb Ab Bb (x2) 

verse 1 
Eb           Ab Bb 
Shamed into solitude 
Eb               Ab Bb 
Shunned by the multitude 
Gm              Cm 
I learned to listen 
Fm              Eb           Bb 
In my dark, my heart heard music. 

verse 2 
Eb           Ab       Bb 
I longed to teach the world 
Eb            Ab       Bb 
Rise up and reach the world 
Gm            Cm 
No one would listen 
Fm             Ab        Bb 
I alone could hear the music 

Eb               Ab            Bb 
Then at last, a voice in the gloom 
Fm                Eb 
Seemed to cry 'I hear you; 
  Cm          Gm 
I hear your fears, 
       Fm               Bb 
Your torment and your tears.' 

verse 3 
Eb           Ab Bb 
She saw my loneliness 
Eb             Ab Bb 
Shared in my emptiness 
Gm             Cm 
No one would listen 
No one but her 
Eb                    Bb         D# 
Heard as the outcast hears 

Eb Ab Bb (x2) 

Gm Cm No one would listen Ab No one but her Ab Bb Eb Heard as the outcast hears...

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