Andre Rieu

The Rose(Chords)

Andre Rieu

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Key: G
Not the key that it is originally played in. But it's easier for me to sing this way. 

G                      D 
Some say love, it is a river 
     C                 G 
that drowns the tender reed. 
G                      D 
Some say love, it is a razor 
     C                   G 
that leaves your soul to bleed. 
         D             C 
Some say love, it is a hunger, 
   Am             D 
an endless aching need. 
      G             D 
I say love, it is a flower, 
    C             D 
and you it's only seed. 

         G               D 
It's the heart afraid of breaking 
     C               G 
that never learns to dance. 
         G               D 
It's the dream afraid of waking 
     C               G 
that never takes the chance. 
         D                C 
It's the one who won't be taken, 
    Am             D 
who cannot seem to give, 
        G              D 
and the soul afraid of dyin' 
     C               G 
that never learns to live. 

         G                  D 
When the night has been too lonely 
        C                G 
and the road has been to long, 
        G                  D 
and you think that love is only 
        C             G 
for the lucky and the strong, 
     D               C  
just remember in the winter 
    Am                 D 
far beneath the bitter snows 
         G                  D 
lies the seed that with the sun's love 
       C                  G 
in the spring becomes the rose 
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