Ana Lu

Kiss Me, Love Me(Chords)

Ana Lu

Key: G
Intro: Bbm  Db  Ebm 

Bbm         Db 
This has gone too far 
How did we even start? 
Bbm        Db    Ebm 
So let's talk about it, come close to me 

Bbm         Db      Ebm 
Tell me how was the first time you thought of me 
Bbm          Db         Ebm 
Did you think it would be like this? 

But what I can say is I can't pretend 
Db          Ebm 
I don't want you, I don't feel you 
I don't need you too, so 

Bbm Db Kiss me, kiss me, love me more Ebm Kiss me, kiss me, love me, love me Bbm Kiss me, kiss me, love me more Db One more song Ebm Kiss me, Love me Baby

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