Amelia Curran

Hands On A Grain Of Sand(Chords)

Amelia Curran

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Key: G
Capo on 6th fret

Intro: G C G C 

G                         C 
Hounds are broodin' in my bones 
But I'm a good dog runnin' halfway home 
D                    C 
Hear the lonely promenade 
        G                    D 
Come to nurse the tender terrways 

Am C All hands on a grain of sand G D Half smallest things are the high demand Am C I can only serenade G And wait my turn to burn or fade
C G C G C All the colours you can see Am G Cover the borders of a masterpiece D C Time can paint the best of me G D Over the unclear eyes of memory CHORUS D C Cover love from sympathy G D Be my maker, set me free Am C Truer hearts could not contain G D How I cover love but I have not changed G C If I had the past undone Am G Then I would give my heart to everyone D C Hounds are turnin', doves have flown G D But I am a good dog runnin' halfway home CHORUS Outro: C G C G C G End on: C
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