Don't Cry For Me (feat. Martin Jensen & Jason Derulo)(Chords)


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Key: E
C#m       B       E 
Too young, too fast 
                         A               C#m 
Thought I was ready but my time was bad, yeah 
         B             E   
One life, too much to see 
A           C#m        B 
And I said: Hey, I've had better days 
        E                       A 
Yeah, I missed that train about a mile away 
       A                  E 
But please, don't cry for me  

       C#m                     B                          E             
If you thought I was down, if you thought I was losing sleep 
    A                  E                Bm 
Well, I'm still goin' hard eight days a week 
      C#           B                            E                 
I can hold my breath when it gets too hard to breathe breathe 
    A                E                  Bm 
Every lonely night are teardrops in the sea 
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