Alabama 3


Alabama 3

Key: A#
Capo on 3rd fret
: Vs= G C Chr= Am C 
        G                            C 
When I saw you in the garden of Gethsemane 
   G                          C 
Drunk when you realised the plan  
      G                          C 
You fell into the arms of Mary Magdalene  
       G                        C 
The stain of stigmata on your hands  
          Am                 C 
When the sky fell down on Calvary  
    Am                            C 
I saw the light shining in your eyes  
G C G C Cos you and me baby we were born 10,000 years ago G C G C I know it sounds crazy but we got 10,000 more to go
G C We followed behind the sisters to La Hegera G C Saw Ramos kiss like Judus on the wire G C When they cut his hair and laid him out like Jesus G C I know October '67 John Lennon lied Am C Sgt Pepper could not help us Am C When the flowers died I realised Chorus G C In 2129 I'm gonna meet you in a cantina in Carleta G C I'm gonna put Bessie Smith on the jukebox all night long G C When the Spanish sun comes up on our empty cups G C Gonna take you dancing deep down into the dawn Am C One bright morning when we meet St Peter Am C I aint gonna give a damn if he don't let us in REPEAT Chorus

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