Aj Abdullah

Oh, The Moon!(Chords)

Aj Abdullah

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Key: G
Intro Dm7  G7  C7M  Am 
Dm7 G7 Oh, the moon C C7M Am7 Pales in comparison to you Dm7 G7 C And I don't know what I should do

Verse 1:

Dm7 Love always feels like it gets in the way G7 Hanging out but we got nothing to say C C See you tomorrow C C Love you through sorrow Am7 Leave me some breadcrumbs Dm7 And I swear I'll follow you


Dm7 G7 The right way is feeling so wrong G7 C7M C But the right way should lead me to you C C Cause if it's true I don't know what I'll do
Dm7 G7 Ohâ?? the moon C C7M Am Pales in comparison to you Dm G7 G C Am And I wanna spend the rest of my life with you

Verse 2:

F Your eyes look like the stars G The sky is jealous G G You're taking me too far G It's overwhelming C No matter how high we go Dm7 Dm C G C AM I'll find my way back to you
( Dm G C Am )


F Ohâ?? the moon G Leaving me oh so soon C Will I see you again? Am I'll stay right here till then Dm7 Singing out to all the stars G Hoping you hear me wherever you are C Calling your name each and every day Dm7 If they call me insane I'll say
Final Oh the ( F G C C7M ) ( F G C Am )
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