Adriana Figueroa


Adriana Figueroa

Key: C

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Verse 1:

C F When I think of the memories G Am We shared long ago C F There's a part deep within me G Am That wants you to know C F Though I left without warning G Am Without a goodbye C F I have faith that soon someday G Am You'll be by my side
C F I promise you G Am I'll answer your plea C F I swear it's true G Am Just trust in me C F My love for you G Am Will always live on F Like a song Fm G A simple melody


C Though we're apart C7 F Fm You'll always be in my heart C I'll dream of the day Caug You travel my way F Fm And we make a brand new start
C C7 Never my oath come what may F Fm The sun will shine someday C A7 Dm7 With new, new horizons to pursue G C New horizons here with you...

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