Aaron Gillespie

You Are Jesus(Chords)

Aaron Gillespie

Key: G#

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	        Intro: Fm C# 

It doesn?t matter who I was 
D# Bb 
It doesn?t matter where I?ve been 
Your grace is all I am chasing 
G# D# 
It doesn?t matter when I wake 
It doesn?t matter when I sleep 
Your arms are open for me
(G# D# Fm C#) I am complete cause you say I could breath I am may clean and to you I will sing You are Jesus (repeats) You are everything I need You are holy I am dirty In You I am may clean You are Jesus
(G# D# Bb C#) You get my brain and it?s moving backward You hear my voice when I am screaming You feel my pain so long ago Your paid it all just for me

Written by Aaron Gillespie

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