4 Him

Where There Is Faith(Chords)

4 Him

Key: G

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I believe in faithfulness 
G                  C 
I believe in giving of myself 
C           G 
For someone else 
I believe in peace and love 
G                 C 
I believe in honesty and trust 
C             G 
But it's not enough 
G   D                            G                 C 
For all that I believe may never change the way it is 
C      G               D 
Unless I believe Jesus lives 

D              G 
Where there is faith 
G          C             G 
There is a voice calling keep walking 
C           G            D 
You're not alone in this world 
D              G 
Where there is faith 
G          C            G              C        G 
There is a peace like a child sleeping hope everlasting 
G  D                 G          C         Am         D          G 
In he who is able to bear every burden to heal every hurt in my heart 
G       C         G        D 
It is a wonderful powerful place 
D              G 
Where there is faith 

There's a man across the sea 
G                        C 
Never heard the sound of freedom ring 
C       G 
Only in his dreams 
There's a lady dressed in black 
G                 C 
In a motorcade of Cadillacs 
C           G 
Daddy's not coming back 
G       D                               G            C 
And our hearts begin to fall and our stability grows weak 
C         G                     D 
But Jesus meets our needs if we only believe

Written by Billy Simon

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