36 Questions


36 Questions

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Key: A
A         Em          D 
I have to leave you behind 
A                  Em 
I know that sounds harsh 
    D          C 
But that's the reality 
A         Em          D 
I wish we had our old life 
    A             Em 
But that shit's impossible 
D             C 
That's just reality 

F             G            A          C#/G 
I should have told you the minute you came 
        F           G               A          C#/G 
But you sounded distraught standing out in the rain 
      F         G           A            C#/G 
And I wanted to let you in, swallow your pain 
        F                    E 
Because that's what I always do 

    A        Em           D 
But I made a pact with my moms 
A        Em 
Under no circumstance 
       D          C 
Should I hear out Natalie 
A          Em        D 
Unlike you I keep my word 
    A        Em       D         C 
And promises I make become my reality 
F           G              A            C#/G 
You like to live your life blurring the lines 
F           G             A             C#/G 
Bending the rules to make yourself look better 
    F          G          A            C#/G 
But all that I wanted was something concrete 
       F                       E 
And to know for a fact you are real 

       A    E 
What I know is 
I still love you 
That's my reality 
    A  E 
You know 
             D            Dm 
I'd give anything to wake up with you next to me 
A                   E                  D 
You and I spent two years of our lives lost in your lies 
Dm              A 
Far from reality 
       E           D 
And it felt like a dream 
'Cause it was 

( A  Em  D ) 

A        Em          D 
Why do I always give in? 
A          Em 
That is on me to change 
D            C 
That's my reality 
A          Em         D 
I can't do this to myself again 
A         Em          D          C 
I deserve someone who accepts reality 
F       G         A           C#/G 
I can't imagine rebuilding my life with you 
F          G           A         C#/G 
Constantly on the edge of what I know is true 
    F         G          A             C#/G 
And you would string me along like you always do 
F                        E 
Knowing I will never let go 
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