Fall Out Boy

Tell That Mick He Just Made My List...(Bass guitar)

Fall Out Boy

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 – “Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to Do Today”
Album: Take This To Your Grave
Track: #1
G I-----------I----------I----------------I
D I-----------I----------I----------------I
A I-----------I----------I------2222-4444-I
E I-0000-0000-I-00~---00-I-0000-----------I

Verse 4x
G I-----------------------I
D I-----------------------I
A I------4444-------------I
E I-0000------4444--55-77-I


Pre Chorus
G I-------------------------------------------I
D I-------------------------------------------I
A I-----------4444-4444-----------------------I
E I-0000-0000------------5555-5555--5555-5555-I

Chorus 2x
G I----------------------I---------------------I
D I----------------------I---------------------I
A I-----------4444-------I-----------44--------I
E I-5555-5555------777h9-I-5555-5555----777h99-I

Post Chorus
G I-------------------I
D I-------------------I
A I----44-------------I
E I-00-----44--55—779-I

Pre Verse 2x
G I------------------------I
D I------------------------I
A I------4444--------------I
E I-0000------4444-55555-7-I

Verse 4x
Chorus 2x
Post Chorus 
Verse 2x


Verse 4x

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