Weyes Blood

Can't Go Home(Ukulele chords)

Weyes Blood

Key: Cm

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Cm F Fm Cm F Fm 
Cm F Fm Cm F Fm 


Cm         F    Cm             F 
   Walking along, bridge is so long 
Cm           F      Bb 
   When will I ever reach the other side? 
Cm       F   Cm  Bb 
   Tiiiiiiiiime, time flies 
Cm              F          Cm 
   Woke up this way in the morning 
         Bb                         Cm  F 
   Faint from the heat that follows me 
Cm              Bb  Cm             F             Bb 
   Everywhere I run no one's got a door open for more 

F                 Eb          Dm 
   And I wouldn't have it any other way 
Bb            Eb 
   I can't go home again 
F              Eb             Dm 
   And all the riot times and fire nights 
Bb            Eb 
   Burning my body 
F                Eb Ebm 
   My stars that shine 
Bb      Eb Ebm 
   Take me back 

Cm Fm Cm Bb 

Cm         F 
   Oh, no, not again 
Cm               Bb 
   Stuck here in truth 

Cm     F           Cm 
   Fighter, do the right thing 
   Can you suffer more 
Cm         F           Cm 
   Let the world carve at your heart 
         Bb                       Cm F 
   Don't need a home if you come apart 
          Cm              Bb 
   I have moved more than I can count 
   Cm        F              Bb 
   Twist and turn trying to learn 

F                  Eb    Dm Bb 
   And I wouldn't change my fate 
   Do you look like me when you fight? 
   My stars align somewhere 
Bb      F  Eb 
   I'll be back 
F             Gm Eb    Gm 
   And if I'm blind to what I feel 
          Bb    F    Eb F Bb F 
   I hope I can love still, dear 

   I hope you will 

Cm Fm Cm Bb 

Cm         F 
   Oh, no, not again 
Cm                 Bb 
   Stuck here with you 


Written by Natalie Mering

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