The Janedear Girls

Wildflower(Ukulele chords)

The Janedear Girls

Key: Bm

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	        Intro: Bm  D  E  G  A  (2x)  

Bm                            D                          E                           G 
  I was born off an old dirt road 40 acre farm no highway no 
A             Bm                              D                                           E 
and I drive an old rusted out Chevrolet, the boys all 
                       G                        A 
rubber neck while their out makin' hay. 

Bm                                  D                                         E 
Hey, I'm a wildflower, growin' in the sunshine, soakin' up the  
                 G           A               Bm                                         D 
way of life, I was raised in, runnin' barefoot bloomin' in a  
                                      E                                         G             A 
summer shower, ponytail dancin' I cant help it I-I'm a wildflower.  

Bm  D  E  G  A 

                 Bm                                         D                                 E 
There’s a little cotton dress hangin' in my sisters’ closet, I think  
                                             G                  A               Bm 
I'm gunna borrow it, and wear it this weekend. Painted my 
                                   D                                E 
toes, bought some cherry lip gloss. No rose, No daisy, can 
G                 A 
touch what I got.  

Repeat Chorus   

Repeat Intro 

Bm                               G                                            E                G 
     I'm just a girl that needs a little sun, a little rain, and an open  
field to play  

Repeat Chorus: (2x)     Bm  D  E  G  A  (3x)

Written by Susan Brown/Vicky McGehee/Jeremy Stover

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