Robert Goulet

Ebb Tide(Ukulele chords)

Robert Goulet

Key: C

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Intro: C 

          C7M         A9    Am 
First the tide rushes in 
         Dm            G6 
Plants a kiss on the shore 
      C    C/B     G6   Am7 
Then rolls out to sea 
 F       Em          Dm7  Dm7/9  G 
And the sea is very still once more 
     C7M           A9   Am 
So I rush to your side 
         Dm     Dm7     G 
Like the oncoming tide 
      C           C/B 
With one burning thought 
         Em5-/7       A 
Will your arms open wide 
    F                   E 
At last, we're face to face 
           Am         Am7     D7 
And as we kiss through an embrace 
       C    C/B        Am   Am7/G 
I can tell,     I can feel 
         F    Fdim     G7     C    C/B 
You are love, you are really mine 
        Am  Am7/G        Fm7          G 
In the rain,     in the dark, in the sun 
         C7M          A9    Am 
Like the tide at its ebb 
         F             Fdim G    C    Fdim  C 
I'm at peace in the web of your arms

Written by Carl Sigman and Robert Maxwell

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