Red Krayola

Pink Stainless Tail(Ukulele chords)

Red Krayola

Key: A

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E|-----------------| x3 

Verse 1:

A C E I will not talk of dead men's rooms and tombs A C E For they always bother me A C E But then ride over every Roy and Dale Refrain D A Yes, I know you tell a Pink Stainless Tail
(Repeat Riff) x3

Verse 2:

A C E The first stroke of twelve sounds like exactly one A C E Ah, two rodents sneaking through aa trapdoor shut A C E And though nothing will ever be quite like the Holy Grail
D A I know that you will always tell a Pink Stainless Tail
(Repeat Riff) x3 A B (Guitar Solo) (Repeat Riff) x3

Verse 3:

A C E Red days follow red and green, green A C E And sometimes it makes me think of you as mother queen A C E And I sit and I wait for all my mail
D A Hearing you repeat the Pink Stainless Tail
(Repeat Riff) x3

Verse 4:

A C E Seven guests are quiet now, and now not half so much A C E The only thing that I can think is how it feels to touch A C E Your queenly self as you continue without fail (without fail)
D A You speak soft of a black Pink Stainless Tail

Written by Rick Barthelme/Steve Cunningham/Mayo Thompson

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