Praise and Worship

Mighty Lamb(Ukulele chords)

Praise and Worship

Key: G

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 G    Am              D    G 
There is peace in the Name of Jesus 

    C      D              G 
There is light that shines into the dark 
    C     D        Em 
There is comfort there is love 

        G  An           D    G 
There is power in the Name of Jesus 

        C  D           C  G 
There is mercy in his Holy Presence 

       C      D         B       Em 
There is hope for those whose hope is gone 

   Am       D 
There is joy in His name 

       G                         C 
Oh mighty lamb, Son of God we praise you 

 Am        D                  C         G  
Oh prince of peance, Lord of lords, we thank you 

 C  D   G           C 
Almighty God, Lord of love 

we worship and adore you 

  G   D     D7      G 
Oh lord, Lord God, Lamb of God
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