No Use For a Name

Any Number Can Play(Ukulele chords)

No Use For a Name

Key: C

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Intro: G(hold)

verse 1: 
They will mislead you 
plug in and bleed you 
          Dm           Fm 
I swear I heard the DJ say 
'Swallow temptation' 
believe the answer 
          Dm         Fm 
Is in the order you obey 

Chorus 1: 
C I know my purpose isn't G F on a poster sign Am Dm I'm still part of the game Fm C C G(Hold) that any number can play
verse 2: C Majority vote G identity? No! Dm Top forty reasons Fm to spoon feed C Immunity lost full G rice at your cost Dm Industry living Fm by disease Chorus 2: C Imagine idolize and G/B F idealize A dream A Am Dm nightmare couldn't change F Any number can play Bridge: Am E/G# The sound remains unclear There's little left to G F hear except contradiction Dm Looks like somebody G made our mind F When history repeats Fm the hit that I've heard C(hold) for my whole life verse 3: C G Bring back request to radio Dm Your favorite song was written F but you'll never know C A selection for us to G Dm Fm see a blind conspiracy
C Another version of the G F imitated tune and Am Dm not one soul was saved Fm C Any number can play Any number can play Any number can play Any number can play C Dm Any number can play C/E F C Dm C/E F Any number can play

Written by Tony Sly

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