Mount Eerie

Now Only(Ukulele chords)

Mount Eerie

Key: F

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Intro F Em C 

verse 1 
              F                         C 
I remember looking around a hospital waiting room 
                                            F              C 
Full of people all absorbed in their own personal catastrophes 
                                                F              C 
All reading books like Being Mortal, all with a look in their eyes 
And I remember still feeling like, 'No, no one can understand' 

'No, my devastation is unique' 

C But people get cancer and die G People get hit by trucks and die F People just living their lives Get erased for no reason Em G With the rest of us watching from the side C And some people have to survive G And find a way to feel lucky to still be alive F To sleep through the night
verse 2 Em G F I wrote down all the details of how my house fell apart F How the person I loved got killed by a bad disease Out of nowhere for no reason and me living in the blast zone Am With our daughter and etcetera I made these songs C And the next thing I knew I was standing in the dirt Under the desert sky at night outside Phoenix Am At a music festival that had paid to fly me in To play these death songs to a bunch of young people on drugs C Standing in the dust next to an idling bus With Skrillex inside and the sound of subwoofers in the distance Am I had stayed up til three Am Talking to Weyes Blood and Father John Misty About songwriting in the backstage bungalows C Eating fruit and jumping on the bed like lost children Exploding across the earth in a self-indulgent all-consuming Am Wreck of ideas that blot out the stars To be still alive felt so absurd
C People get cancer and die G People get hit by trucks and die F People just living their lives get erased for no reason Em G With the rest of us averting our eyes
Interlude C G F Bridge Em C When I was leaning on Skrillex's tour bus waiting for the hotel shuttle in the middle of the night Am I barely knew who I was Em I looked up and saw Orion wielding a club and a shield And there you were again: G Majestic dead wife Am As my grief becomes calcified, frozen in stories And in these songs I keep singing, numbing it down G The unsingable real memories of you And the feral eruptions of sobbing F Em C These waves hit less frequently F Em C They thin and then they are gone F Em C You are gone and then your echo is gone F Em C And then the crying is gone C And what is left but this merchandise? Interlude F Em C Outro F Em F Em C This is what my life feels like now F Em Like I got abruptly dropped off by the side of the road C In the middle of a long horrible ride F Em C F In a hot van that was too full of confident chattering dudes G C F Em C And the sound of tires receding G F Em Taking in the night air I say C 'Now only'

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