Kye Kye

Trees Trust(Ukulele chords)

Kye Kye

Key: G

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Capo on 1st fret


Intro G 

verse 1 

You chased my heart so I could see, (1Jo.4:19) 
    Em        G 
but I stood unacceptable. (Ro.1:21) 
you called my name with infinite time (Eph.1:4) 
   Em              G 
and I lost sight so easily (Eph.4:18) 


     C                                          Em                  G 
then oh, I stood in the silence, I lay in the night, a voice in the stillness (Ps.46:10)(1Kgs.19:12) 
C                                                  Em                    G 
'oh my love, you're my child, take all these good things, soften your heart'. (Phlm:6) 

G Am Bm G D/F# Lord help me, Help me remember (Jon.14:26) G Am Bm D/F# flesh is weak, my spirit's strong, (Mat.26:41) G Am Bm G D/F# dressed the trees you saw their splendor G Am Bm D/F# more to you, love I am more. (Mat.6:26-34)
G verse 2 C You found me as an empty room, Em walls with holes F C so eagerly to say 'oh love you own It all' (Gal.4:1) (Eph.1:3 & 2:6) Em F Inside of me, flows out of me. (Col.1:27)(2Cor.5:17) PreChorus Chorus (2x)
G Am Bm G D/F# G Am Bm Walk with me, tell me the depth of the raging sea, D/F# the deepest blue G could never define you (Gal.1:11-12)(1Jo.2:27)
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