Judy Garland

You're Just In Love(Ukulele chords)

Judy Garland

Key: D

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D   G    D     A7          D       D6 
I hear singing and there's no one there 
D  D6    Bm      Bm5-/7    Em7   G/B  A7 
I smell blossoms, and the trees are bare 
Em  Em7  G/B    Gdim    A7   Em7  A7 
All day long, I seem to walk  on  air  
  Bm5-/7  A7  A4/7    A7   A7/13-   D Bm7 Em7 A7 
I wonder why,         I wonder why 
D  A7    G     A7     D        D6 
I keep tossing in my sleep at night 
D9          D7                 D7/F#        G 
And, what's more, I've lost my appetite 
Em            Em7      A7        D       D6 
Stars that used to twinkle in the skies 
    Cdim      Em    Gdim   A4/7       D    D6 Em7 A7 
Are twinkling in my eyes I  wonder why 
D          G     A7          D              G      A7      D 
You don't need analyzing; it is not so surprising 
D        D6    Bm   Bm5-/7        Em7  G/B  A4/7  A7 
That you feel very strange, but nice 
Em7        G/B  A4/7      A7    Em7        G/B A4/7      A7 
Your heart goes pitter-patter  I know just what's the matter 
Em7     G/B    A7        Gdim      D  Bm7 Em7 Cm5-/7 
Because I've  been there once or twice 
D              G        A7            D        G         D            A7         D 
Put your head on my shoulder   you need someone who's older 
A7           D    D9       D7      G 
A rubdown with a velvet glove 
Em               Em7      A7            D            D6            Cdim 
There is nothing you can take   to relieve that pleasant ache 
           Em   Gdim  A4/7 A7  D          
You're not sick you're  just  in love

Written by Irving Berlin

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