Josh Kelley

Amen(Ukulele chords)

Josh Kelley

Key: E

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Capo on 1st fret
	        This is a beautiful song, I can't find it anywhere 
on the internet, so I had to do my best to transcribe at 
least the chords.  -Dray 


E5	 E(no5)   C#m7(add5) E/B	|Chord Forms are at 	 
The open road for traveler's souls	|The Bottom.  This is probably 
     F#m       Bsus4			|Not the Way Josh Plays it 
They once were lost			|But I figured it out today 
    Emaj7        Asus4/2			|With the capo (it's really 
But now they're gone			|in 'F' major). There's like   
   F#m     Bsus4   E5  			|five different ways to play 
A long, long time ago			|E, but if you follow, then 
E5	 E(no5)   C#m7(add5) E5/B    	|the bass notes should 
A neighbor's love  So fit the mold	|come out right.  The ringing 
     F#m       Bsus4			|pedal tones make it really 
They once were young			|pretty.  - Dray 
    Emaj7        Asus4/2 
But now they're old 
   F#m     Bsus4      E5 
It's not yet time to go 

Gsus4/2 A E5 And it's the way that we will forgive ourselves Gsus4/2 A E5 And it's the way that we will for no one else Gsus4/2 A E5 Asus4/2 And it's the way that we will put pressure on our bones G Asus4/2 That we never leave alone E5 Amen
E5 E(no5) C#m7(add5) E/B Maybe it's time to grab the past F#m Bsus4 Emaj7 Asus4/2 And make it last all through the year F#m Bsus4 E5 To keep our lives afloat E5 E(no5) C#m7(add5) E/B The system has changed from far to planes F#m Bsus4 I once was wild Emaj7 Asus4/2 But now I'm tame F#m Bsus4 E5 I hate to fly alone
F#m A F#m And lately it's a song A B --> (solo maybe i'll include this in another post) And so maybe I am wrong for now (if I ever figure it out)
Here are what the Chords look like... 
   E5 E(no5) C#m7(add5) E5/B F#m Bsus4 Emaj Asus2 |

   Gsus2  G  A  B |	|there you go, some of these 
E--0------3--5--7-|	|aren't really even chords, 
B--0------3--5--7-|	|but they work in this song 
G--0------0--7--9-|	|pls email me if you find 
D--7------0--7--9-|	|mistakes - dan'at'draynet'dot'com 

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