Josh Howard

Stay By My Side(Ukulele chords)

Josh Howard

Key: F

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	        Verse. 1 
F                                                        C                              Dmin. 
Every time I look into your eyes, I find a wonderful surprise,  
Of how beautiful you are 
F			               C						                        Dm  . 
Every time I look at us, the past, the future, someone I can trust 
OH how perfect we are 

Dm  .                   Bb               F                      C 
It makes me wonder, how I could be so lucky 
Dm  .                                Bb                                     F     C 
Realizing that there’s more than meets the eye, 
Dm  .                        Bb                                    F                    C 
Oh I could tell the world, but they would just think I’m silly 
              Dm  .             Bb                         F                 C 
And I, thank you for coming into my life 

Dm Bb F C Oh I will never take for granted, of all the things you done for me Dm Bb F C You mean so much to me, I will never let you go Dm Bb F C Nothing can come between us, if God’s on our side Dmin. Bb-F C Oh precious girl stay by my side

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