Joanna Newsom

Goose Eggs(Ukulele chords)

Joanna Newsom

Key: B

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B               F#                      A 
What we built, at the kiln that wonít be stilled 
Did not set well: 
B                       F# 
The old veil of desire 
Like the vessels that we fired 
Fell thin as eggshells 

Bm                      D                        
And every season, somebody burns 
Downtown, taking turnsí 

C                               G 
Taking a bus, to take a train and just plain vamoose 

Bm                                      D 
Now the wind blows coals over the hills. Honey 
Iíve been paying my bills 

C                                       G 
But honey itís been a long time since Iíve come to any use 

And it hurt me bad, when I heard the news 
That youíd got that call, and could not refuse 
A                                               E 
(A goose, alone, I suppose, can know the loneliness of geese 
E                               D                       A               F#m 
Who never find their peace, whether North, or South, or West, or East, West or East; 
And I could never find my way 
D                                       A 
To being the kind of friend you seemed to need in me 
G               F 
Till the needing had ceased.) 

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